The Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Page of Cups reflects our inner child. No matter how old you are, you must remember to play and have fun!

The Page of Cups Tarot Card Keywords: Good news, Youthfulness, Idealism

If you receive this card in a reading, it is time to let loose and be playful. Don’t take life too seriously, and let your imagination flow.

modern way tarot page of cups card

Perhaps life feels a little bit dull for you right now. Are you constantly focusing on your career? Do family commitments mean that you don’t have much time for yourself?

It is time to mix things up a bit. It isn’t fun to be serious all the time! Embrace that playful side of you and regain the feeling of freedom and excitement that you had when you were young.

There may be new opportunities coming your way with the Page of Cups. Embrace them in a creative way as they will lead you to new adventures. These opportunities might not be what you expect! However, they will ultimately bring you closer to your true path in life.

The Page of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When reversed, the Page of Cups has energy of immaturity and irresponsibility. You are not being an adult right now, and this is really affecting your personal growth!

There is lingering sadness with the reversed Page of Cups. Perhaps past pain is still affecting your happiness and you feel stuck. It may be time to seek help in order to work through these issues.