The Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Six of Cups reflects a time of optimism and happiness. When appearing in a reading, it asks you to remember the good times from your childhood. Is there anything you can learn from them?

The Six of Cups Tarot Card Keywords: Nostalgia, Playfulness, Carefree

The Six of Cups asks you to reconnect with your inner child. It is time to look at the world in a carefree way, finding happiness and hope in everything.

modern way tarot six of cups card

If you have children yourself, allow their energy to lift you up. Play and have fun!

If you have trauma and pain from your childhood, the Six of Cups is reminding you that better things are coming your way. It is time to reckon with your past and deal with the pain. It may be necessary to see a therapist in order to work through these issues.

The Six of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When reversed, the Six of Cups suggests that you are stuck in the past. You view your childhood and adolescence as the best time in your life, and this is impacting your progression. Perhaps you miss the freedom and inspiration that your childhood gave you.

Are you feeling bored and dissatisfied right now? Why do you view your past in such a high regard?

It is time to mix things up a bit, and get your lust for life back! Leave your past in the past and move forward. Your current situation is making you act childishly, and you need to work on your maturity.