Strength Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

A lion symbolizes raw emotions and the woman is a representative of our higher energy. She has gained control over intrinsic urges.

Strength Tarot Card Keywords: Courage, Strength, Patience, Focus

As such, the Strength card illustrates that the feminine powers of gentleness and self-control can tame our more violent animal natures.

modern way tarot card strength

The Strength Tarot card reminds you of your own personal strength and courage. We all have amazing powers within us and can balance this energy.

We can be both the lion, and the tame and gentle woman. With patience and hope, our dreams and goals will succeed.

The Strength Tarot card signifies that you can obtain true control of a situation if you use inner strength and act with sensitivity, rather than just using brutal force. We must always act with patience, kindness, and respect.

Strength Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When appearing in a reading reversed, the Strength Tarot card suggests that you need to work on controlling your emotions. You are fierce and passionate, but this can sometimes get you in trouble.

You need to work on balance and harmony within yourself.

The Strength reversed is also reminding you that you need to stop comparing yourself to others. You may always think that people are better than you and more successful. However, this isn’t the case. Everyone is on their own journey, and everyone’s journey is important.

Take your focus away from other people, and look at what you can do in order to move forward on your journey.