The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Devil is full of illusion. Although you have total control of your life, beliefs, and choices, the card symbolizes how addiction, depression, and unhealthy bonds can make you feel out of control.

The Devil Tarot Card Keywords: Addictions, Bondage, Material Focus, Chains, Negative Thinking, Vices

When The Devil appears, he is calling you out on your unhealthy behavior.

modern way tarot card the devil

You are living in chains – addiction and bad habits are controlling your life. You are focusing too much on material wealth or physical experiences, ignoring your spiritual and emotional well-being.

It may be drugs, it may be social media, it may be working…

Only you truly know the chains that tie you down.

Regardless of the nature of your particular problem, the message of the Devil is clear: redirect your attention away from the satisfaction of desires and toward the things that really matter.

The chains are loose around your neck, and you can remove them. It is time to work on your spirituality and focus on your true path in life.

You have the power, you just need to act.

The Devil Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When The Devil appears reversed, you are well on your way with ridding yourself of negative thoughts and behavior. You understand your vices and know what you need to do to keep them in check.

You are not totally there yet, but you are on the right path towards freedom and enlightenment. Make sure you are letting go of your unhealthy attachments and focusing on the future.