The Fool Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Fool tarot card is the first card in our Tarot deck and the foolishly naive archetype of the Major Arcana cards.

The fool represents a new beginning and an end to something in your old life and the main keywords for the Fool Tarot Card are Spontaneity, Risk-Taking, Adventure, and Innocence.

The Fool’s Keywords and Facts

UprightNew beginnings, adventure, innocence
ReversedRecklessness, fearlessness, risk
Yes or NoYes

The Fool has his arms wide and his head held high. With all his possessions in one small pack, the Fool travels he knows not where, filled with questions, wonder, and excitement.

He is a fool because only a simple soul has the innocent faith to undertake such a journey with all its hazards and pain.

The Fool Tarot Card’s Symbolisms

The Fool’s gaze is looking upward and forward, firmly set on the future, excited about where he might end up. But in all his excitement, he’s unaware of the rocky cliffs down below and if he doesn’t pay attention he’ll probably fall off the cliff he’s walking on.

The mountains behind him with the big bright sun shining on the Fool, symbolize the long journey and the challenges yet to come his way.

Modern Way Tarot Card Meaning The Fool

In his hand, he carries nothing with him except a bindle, containing all his worldly possessions in just one bag.

At his feet, a small white dog walks along his journey. He represents the loyalty and protection that the universe will provide along the way, which encourages the fool to charge forward to learn any lessons that come along during this adventure.

The Fool Upright Meaning

The Fool tarot card is the number 0 of the Major Arcana list, which is the number of unlimited potentials. Therefore it does not have a specific place in the sequence of the tarot cards. Its place is either at the beginning or at the end of a sequence.

The Fool is taking a leap of faith. He knows that he is at the beginning of his adventure, but does not know where it will take him. He is ready to embrace whatever comes his way, but he is also oblivious and unaware of the hardships he will face as he ventures out to learn the lessons of the world.

It is the Modern Way tarot card of new beginnings, risk-taking, and innocence. The Fool inspires you to open up new areas in your life and with that comes new anticipation, wonder, awe, and curiosity.

The Fool Reversed Meaning

When you received the Fool tarot card in a reversed position, the Fool serves as a warning. He is acting recklessly, not thinking about the consequences of his actions. His behavior is harming him and those around him.

modern way tarot card the fool reversed

This card is here to warn you that now is not the time for spontaneity and freedom. You must finish what you have started and deal with your responsibilities before you can move on.

Be sure that you don’t get lost in your own thoughts and not actively ‘doing’. We all have ideas, but it is only through action that these ideas materialize and gain any value.

It all starts with the Fool

This is the power of now or never! Is this the beginning, or the end? Probably both. Whether it’s beautiful naivety or the start of all compassing fulfillment, this card is always a privilege to pull in a reading.

Use the spirit of the Fool throughout your life, and you will quickly learn, that it is not the destination that matters but the journey.