The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

modern way tarot card the lovers

When receiving the Lovers card, it will typically mean that a red-hot romance is on its way or the intimacy with your significant other is off the charts.

The Lovers Tarot Card Keywords: Romance, Love, Harmony, Choices

It represents harmony, love, and affection, and suggests that this is coming your way.

modern way tarot card the lovers

This love might not be romantic, and it can represent a strong friendship connection.

The Lovers remind us of the importance of honest and open communication and respect. To build long-lasting love, we have to be totally honest with those in our life. By being truthful and respectful to those we love, we can create something beautiful.

This card also resembles a major life-changing choice to make. This dilemma is probably really exciting, but you must take time to properly think through everything. You are unsure of what to pick, but with meditation and thought, you will realize what you need to do.

Temptation is often part of that choice. Get clear about your own values and gather information before making a decision, so that great things will manifest.

The Lovers Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When The Lovers appear reversed, arguments and conflicts are coming your way. A love that you once cherished is falling apart, and you don’t understand this person anymore.

Unfortunately, this is life. You must decide if you want to fight for this relationship or not. Is it worth the pain? Or, have you simply outgrown each other?