Introducing the modern way tarot

Get ready to find your way and start to uncover the hidden element within yourself to make sense of the world around you. Let the Modern Way guide you to find inner wisdom, meaning, and ultimately your true powers. This is the Way…

the modern way tarot deck cards

WHAT'S INSIDE the box?

modern way tarot cards set
tarot cards modern way rider waite

Vibrantly printed exclusive Tarot Cards including the 22 Major Arcana Cards, 52 Minor Arcana Cards, and 2 Limited Edtion Modern Way™ cards, perfect for beginners and expert readers.

A 118-page Tarot guidebook with an Introduction to tarot, simple instructions for beginners, tarot spreads for advanced readers, and all 78 tarot meanings for easy referencing.

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major arcana tarot cards modern way

A modern rider-waite upgrade

The Modern Way Tarot is a modern and more intuitive take on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot cards. By keeping the symbolisms almost identical while putting more emphasis on important elements, this deck is extremely easy to use.

The Modern Way cards are all original Pamela Colman Smith designs but recreated for the 21st century. You’ll find a strikingly perfect balance of vibrancy and minimalism. From the lively colors and strong contrasts to the powerful use of elements and shapes.


The first version of the 22 Major Arcana cards were published online and started to get raving reviews quickly.


Neil finished the designs of the remaining 52 Minor Arcana Cards and Jiri the 118-page guidebook with all 78 tarot card meanings.


We finalized the box,  printed and packed the first batch to be shipped, and are preparing for our launch this summer!

Find your way...

modern way tarot card stack

The Modern Way Tarot Cards

printed on thick and durable cardstock but light enough to easily shuffle and hold


350 gsm







and this

easy tarot guidebook

with 118-pages of tarot knowledge to help you get started with tarot or boost your expert reading skills, it’s perfect for both beginners and experts.

Learn the history begin Tarot and how to use and understand the Modern Way Tarot.

Learn about the Major & Minor Arcana​’s and about the importance of the Fool’s journey.

Discover and learn how to do 5 different Tarot spreads from easy beginner spreads to expert tarot reading spreads.

Find the keywords and meaning of each card in the deck for easy reference.

tarot guidebook journal modern way

This is the way


Do you love Tarot and are you doing online Tarot readings? We’d love to send you one of our decks for you to show to your audience!

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