78 Tarot Cards List with Upright and Reversed Meanings

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This is the Way…

Thank you for clicking here, this is no coincidence… because this is where you’ll find the true meaning of every single tarot card in this modernized Rider-Waite tarot deck.

With this Tarot Card list, I’ll explain each card through the story of the fool’s journey. This is the easiest method to learn all 78 Tarot Cards in a fun way that’ll stick. I call it the Modern Way of doing Tarot.

Over time, the more you see, feel, and use these tarot cards, the more you start understanding the meaning of certain aspects of your life. Asking the cards for help will help you deal with the challenges and opportunities that life throws at you.

They serve as an amazing tool for better understanding yourself and growing on a personal level you could not have imagined.

A Modern Tarot Card List

The modern way tarot card deck consists of 80 cards and is divided into two sections, the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

I will start this tarot cards list with the 22 Major Arcana cards explained through the Fool’s Journey, followed by the 56 Minor Arcana cards that consist of 4 Suits, and I’ll finish with 2 exclusive Modern Way Cards.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Just like the Fool, with this list, you’ll start your Tarot journey with an innocent and child-like view, and will slowly age your wisdom about the 22 Arcanas from Adolescence into Maturity.

When placing the Major Arcana cards in numeric order from 0 (the fool) to 21 (the world), just like in the list below, they form a symbolic story known as the Fool’s journey.

Since this is the Modern Way of doing Tarot, I’ve decided to take you through the Major Arcana Cards below via the story of the Fool’s journey. I’ll start with a short description of each card’s meaning, then show you the card, and finish with the Fool’s story around that specific card.

My recommendation is to use this Fool’s Journey for inspiration and brainstorming, rather than for developing a plot or outlining. The story around each card will help you remember the cards in the fastest and most simple way that I have encountered so far.

Now let’s get started with this exciting journey through the Modern Way’s Major Arcana cards!

The Fool (0)

The Fool tarot card is the number 0 of the Major Arcana, which stands for the number of unlimited potentials. To see the Fool tarot card generally indicates that you are on the verge of an unexpected and exciting new adventure.

It is the card of new beginnings, risk-taking, and innocence. The beautiful naivete of beginners that leap but often without looking first

Just like you, starting to learn the cards via this tarot card list, the fool is a newborn – fresh, open, and spontaneous. The Fool stands for each of us as we begin our journeys of life.

Modern Way Tarot Card Meaning The Fool

The Fool’s Journey

The Fool has his arms wide and his head held high. With all his possessions in one small pack, the Fool travels he knows not where, filled with questions, wonder, and excitement. 

He is a fool because only a simple soul has the innocent faith to undertake such a journey with all its hazards and pain.

“The fool thinks he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

He is ready to embrace whatever comes his way, but he is also oblivious and unaware of the hardships he will face as he ventures out to learn the lessons of the world.

The Magician (1)

The Magician is number 1 of the Major Arcana and is considered the force that allows us to impact the world through individual will and power. He reminds us of the magic that is within us all, and what we can achieve when we connect with our inner personal power.

modern way tarot card the magician meaning

The Magician in the Fool’s Journey

In the story of the Fool’s journey, the Fool’s very first encounter is with the Magician. Being completely mesmerized, the Fool hands over his belongings, and the Magician, with all its power, reveals the contents of his pack. 

All the possibilities and directions he can take are laid out: The Sword of intellect, the Wand of ambition, the Cup of love, and the Pentacle of possessions.

With these tools, the Fool can make anything of his life! It makes him wonder: did I have these tools with me all along, or are they created by the Magician? Only the Magician knows…

The Magician is the force that allows us to impact the world through individual will and power. 

He is our conscious awareness to tap into our full potential and become the best version of ourselves. It means that you have the sheer willpower and desire to do anything you set your mind to.

The High Priestess (2)

The High Priestess is number 2 in the Major Arcana card list of this tarot deck. Powerful yet intriguing, the card represents sexuality, mystery, and general higher power.

The High Priestess suggests that now is the time to reflect on a situation and rather than controlling and manipulating a situation, look for potential and possibilities that are on the other side.

modern way tarot card the high priestess

The High Priestess in the Fool’s Journey

Continuing the Fool’s journey, the Fool stumbles upon a mysterious lady seated between two pillars (two choices), holding ancient scrolls illuminated by the moon. As he lays his tools in front of her, the High Priestess does not speak but hands him the scrolls.

Like a secret manual, it gives him insight into his new tools. However, he’s still afraid to make a decision on how to use them as there are so many choices.

He takes the time to reflect and realizes the decision has to come from within: ‘What does your gut tell you?’

Where the Magician was talkative, and present during the day, the Priestess is quiet and hidden during the night. She is the opposite of the Magician, but equally important and necessary for balance.

The High Priestess is our unconsciousness and unrealized potential waiting for an active principle to bring it to expression.

Once you have an idea, you have decisions to make. The best way to go about this is with quiet time to meditate and reflect, choosing intuition over intellect.

The Empress (3)

The Empress is number 3 on the Major Arcana cards list and the mother archetype, following the High Priestess.

The Empress is associated with strong maternal influence and a sign of harmony in your marriage, the possibility of starting a family, and strengthening friendships and relationships between existing family members.

modern way tarot card the empress

The Empress in the Fool’s Journey

After encountering the High Priestess yesterday, the Fool continues, now knowing what to do with his tools. 

Ever impatient to get started, he meets the Empress with her beautiful golden locks, wearing a star crown and a pomegranate gown, sitting elegantly on her throne surrounded by abundance.

The Empress gives him a motherly smile and valuable advice: “Like newly planted seeds or newborn life, a new relationship or new creation is ever so fragile. It requires patience, nurturing, love, and attention. Only this will bring it to fruition.” 

The Fool, finally understanding that his creations will take time to develop, continues on his way, without forcing anything but instead letting mother nature do its work.

The Empress calls on you to connect with your feminine side. This can be translated in many ways – think of creativity, sensuality, fertility, and nurturing. She tells you to be kind to yourself and search for beauty and happiness in your life.

Allow it to happen, and you’ll experience deep satisfaction.

The Emperor (4)

The Emperor is number 4 on the list and a symbol of masculinity, which brings structure, rules, and systems into existence to bring you inner knowledge. You need to pursue your goals methodically and strategically.

The Emperor card suggests that you need to find some sort of control, organization, and authority in your life.

modern way tarot card the emperor

The Emperor in the Fool’s Journey

During his journey, the Fool was given options by the Magician, decided on one of the options with the help of the High Priestess, and learned how to develop it thanks to the Empress. Now he has reached the stage where he needs to figure out how to manage it. 

What better way to learn from the mighty Emperor, who runs an organized kingdom, a stoic ruler, sitting on a giant throne decorated with four ram heads.

He approaches a great Emperor seated on a stone throne. The Fool is amazed by the way the Emperor is instantly, eagerly obeyed in every particular, at how well his Empire is run and organized.

Respectfully, the Fool asks the Emperor how it is done.

The Emperor answers: “Strong will and a solid foundation of laws and order. It is good to be imaginative, creative, and instinctual but to control you must be alert, brave, and aggressive.”

Ready now to lead and direct rather than be led, the Fool heads out with a new, clear purpose.

The Hierophant (5)

The Hierophant is card number 5 in the deck and serves as the masculine counterpart of the High Priestess. This card symbolizes traditional values, and ethics and focuses on the importance of religion and spirituality in onces life.

This card means for you to embrace the traditions and conventions that surround you. That you’re unconsciously wanting to follow pre-established traditions instead of trying some unorthodox methods.

modern way tarot card the hierophant

The Hierophant in the Fool’s Journey

Now, even though the Fool has created a solid foundation, he’s struck with fear. What if he loses what he has built?

Full of anxiety and panic, he heads into a temple for guidance. Here he finds the Hierophant (6), a holy man, and asks him how he can be freed of his fear.

“There are two ways,” says the Hierophant sagely, “Either give up what you fear to lose so it no longer holds any power over you, or consider what you will still have after a loss.

After all,” the Hierophant continues, “if you did lose all you’d built, you’d still keep the experience and knowledge. And, if your community and friends have traditions and beliefs that you all share, then you will not lose that fellowship, even if circumstances make you lose all you’ve built with them.

A sense of peace returns to the Fool and he thanks the Hierophant for his wise advice.

The Lovers (6)

The Lovers is number 6 in the Major Arcana card list and a powerful card to pull. This card will help you get clear about your values to find more harmony in yourself by focusing on love, relationships, and soulmates.

When receiving the Lovers card, it means that a red-hot romance is on its way or the intimacy with your significant other is off the charts.

This card also resembles a major life-changing choice to make. Temptation is often part of that choice. Get clear about your own values and gather information before making a decision, so that great things will manifest.

modern way tarot card the lovers

The Lovers in the Fool’s Journey

At this point in his Journey, the Fool knows exactly which direction to go and what he wants to do. However, little is true, as he comes to a full stop in his journey.

He had fully planned the path he was taking, marked by petals from a flowering tree. But standing before a fruit tree, there’s a woman, marking another path.

Seeing her, he’s instantly in love. Speaking with her, the feeling intensifies. He just found a missing part of himself. Though his plan was different, the Fool knows she is the one to stay with.

No matter how much trouble it’ll cause him to diverge from his original path, she is the future. He chooses her, taking his focus away, and together they head down a new road.

The Chariot (7)

The Chariot is card number 7 in this Tarot card list and the Major Arcana. The Chariot stands for power and triumph and tells you to concentrate your energy on a particular path or purpose.

The warrior symbolizes taking action and moving forward. Because the sphinxes are pulling the chariot, he must command his willpower and determination in order to succeed.

modern way tarot card the chariot

The Chariot in the Fool’s Journey

The Fool is close to completing what he set out to create long ago, back when the Magician (1) revealed his tools. However, many enemies gathered to stand in his way, hindering him to move forward.

Walking along the river, he encounters a charioteer with his sphinxes at rest. “You seem a victorious warrior,” the Fool says: “I feel attacked by enemies, unable to move forward. What should I do?”

“You must armor yourself and focus on your goal,” he says with a cool demeanor. “You run your enemies down. To be victorious you must have complete confidence in your cause. Never doubt what you’re trying to achieve or lose your focus.”

Strength (8)

The Strength card carries the number 8 and represents next to strength many other meanings like the need for showing stamina and patience that are required to conquer challenges in your love life, career, or relationships.

The Strength card illustrates that the feminine powers of gentleness and self-control can tame our more violent animal natures. It signifies that you can obtain true control of a situation if you use inner strength and act with sensitivity, rather than just using brutal force.

modern way tarot card strength

Strength in the Fool’s Journey

The Fool, now victorious over his enemies after Chariot’s (7) advice, is feeling powerful. But at the same time, his passions and emotions run hot, finding him unable to control them.

Luckily, it is then that he crosses paths with a maiden holding a fully grown lion and gently caresses its jaws. She is able to tame the lion with virtually no effort involved.

Amazed, the Fool asks her: “How do you do that?!” She answers: “I asked the lion to do it, and he did it. It’s wild and fierce, but it can be contained, just like our passions. Let them run wild and they will do damage. But with gentle fortitude, we can direct those passions and get more out of them.

The lion symbolizes raw emotions and the woman is a representative of our higher energy. She has gained control over intrinsic urges.

The Hermit (9)

The Hermit card carries the number 9 and represents your lone wanderer, finding the innermost knowledge of yourself. Earning valuable wisdom by seeking the highest truth with yourself.

The Hermit means taking back your personal power by start living authentically and being true to yourself.

modern way tarot card the hermit

The Hermit in the Fool’s Journey

After his continuous journey and busy life of learning, creating, compromising, failing, and succeeding, the Fool needs to retreat. 

He finds a home in a tiny hut deep in the woods, to reflect, organize, rest, and think. At night, he heads out, with his staff and lantern in his hands. It is during those walks, he sees what he has previously missed seeing.

In a way, the Fool has returned to when he was when he started his journey, as in the beginning, he goes wherever inspiration leads him. Only now, his staff leans out before him, not on his shoulder behind him, and he carries a lantern and not a pack.

The Hermit is like the lantern, illuminated from within by all he is, capable of penetrating the darkness. Staff in hand, he heads back out into the world, expecting nothing, but change within.

Just as beacons of light guide ships to the shore, this sage assists in a period of personal growth and exploration.

The Wheel of Fortune (10)

The Wheel of Fortune card is the number 10 card in this card list and represents destiny and fate as well as the twists and turns that can surprise us out of nowhere.

When you come across the Wheel, anything is possible. It means you can have an equal amount of good and bad times. Like when you’re riding a Ferris wheel, sometimes you’re up in the sky and sometimes you’re at the bottom.

Remember the good times so that when you’re having times of stress and pain, you will remember what you had and how it made you happy. If life has been difficult recently, the Wheel shows a turn for the better.

modern way tarot card the wheel of fortune

The Wheel of Fortune in the Fool’s Journey

From out of hiding comes the Fool (0) in the form of the Hermit (9), into the sunlight. It is as if he is being pulled up from some low, dark point on a wheel, to a high bright point on the wheel.

It is time for a change. There is hope, clarity, and a breakthrough on his (your) spiritual path.

The Wheel marks the halfway point in our Tarot journey. Excellent job so far, the Tarot and I are super proud of you for going through this long tarot card list!

We now turn from the outward-looking phase, which focuses on our relationship with the external world, to another phase, where our inner, spiritual journey begins.

Justice (11)

Justice is card number 11 in the Major Arcana list of cards and means exactly as her name says; justice. Justice focuses on righting our wrongs, getting what we are owed, and believing that scores will be settled.

The Justice tarot card represents cause and effect as well as balanced thought and action. The fairest decision will be made, and if you’ve been wronged, Justice arrives to restore balance.

modern way tarot card justice

Justice in the Fool’s Journey

After passing the mid-way point of his journey with the Wheel of Fortune (10), he now starts his inner-ward-looking journey.

Longing for new inspiration, he passes a blind woman, sitting, listening to 2 brothers arguing over an inheritance. 

Being a wise woman, they came to her for Justice (11). The poor brother wants all of the money because he would not waste it. The rich one protests, “It is rightfully mine, and that matters, not what I do with it!”

Justice decides to split the inheritance in half: “With only half, the rich one will stop being wasteful and the poor one will have as much as he needs.” The Fool thinks it’s only fair, but neither brother is happy.

The Fool realizes he has spent his life achieving worldly ambitions and material goods while starving his spiritual self. He’s unbalanced and should give half his time and energy to his spiritual self.

The Hanged Man (12)

The Hanged Man card is number 12 in this deck and represents being stuck somewhere or with something, and contains very important information for those planning their next move.

The Hanged Man represents ‘the waiting game’ that is often part of life progression. Although we are rarely happy about being stuck, there are times when nothing else can be done, and we’re forced to be still. 

This often requires the sacrifice of people and things that we rather hold on to. We have to accept a loss for the greater good, and let go, as it’s the key to moving forward.

modern way tarot card the hanged man

The Hanged Man in the Fool’s Journey

The Fool settles under a tree, intending on finding his spiritual self. After sitting there for 9 days, barely moving, with no conscious thought of why, he climbs the tree.

With one leg crossed behind the other, he dangles from a branch upside down, not appearing to be afraid or upset. For that moment, he surrenders all that he is, wants, knows or cares about. 

It seems to him that his perspective of the world has changed, his inverted position allows him to see both the earthly and spiritual world.

He just hangs, weightless, observing, absorbing, seeing. Make no mistake, the Hanged Man (12) has the ability to change his situation, but has decided to ‘sit this one out.’

Death (13)

Death tarot card is obviously represented by the number 13 and is not necessarily a card to scare. It symbolizes the end of situations and connections that no longer serve us in a positive way.

For many readings, it signifies completing a chapter, putting the past behind you, and cutting out what is unnecessary. It can also signify a transition or middle ground between one phase of life and the next.

The key is to welcome the Death card in a tarot spread instead of avoiding it. After all, there is no new beginning without an ending.

modern way tarot card death

Death in the Fool’s Journey

Having left the tree from where he hung, the Fool (0) continues, with his head clear from visions. 

He knows he’s started his spiritual journey wholeheartedly but feels empty and sad as if he has lost something. Then, before him, a skeleton in black armor on a white horse appears. He recognizes him, it is Death (13). 

“Have I died?” the Fools asks. Death answers, “Yes, kind of, as you sacrificed your old world and old self. And sadness is common as you must deal with a loss before you can accept anything new. As Death rides away, the Fool finds truth in those words.

This, he understands, is how all great transformations start, by removing everything, something new has room to grow.

Temperance (14)

Temperance is number 14 on this list and represents finding balance, harmony, and equilibrium in all that we do. In order to achieve this we need patience, persistence, and a vision of what you truly desire.

Temperance is actually a skill, and practice makes perfect. Hold back from quick judgment. Resist the temptation to react immediately. Some situations are complicated and require patience and special care.

modern way tarot card temperance

Temperance in the Fool’s Journey

Recovering from feelings of loss, at last, the Fool realizes that until now, he’s been dealing with opposites.

First, the two sides of Justice’s (11) scale. Then, the material and spiritual, which he hung between as the Hanged man (12). And lastly, death and birth, in the Death card (13). “Does one always have to surrender to get the other?” he thinks.

It is at this point that he sees an angel, pouring fire and water from one cup to another. “How can you mix fire and water?” the Fool asks. The Angel answers, “You must have the right vessels and use the right proportions.”

“Can this be done with all opposites?” the Fool replies. “Yes”, the Angel says, “It is only a lack of will and a disbelief in the possibility that keeps opposites, opposite.”

The Fool realizes he’s the one who is keeping his worlds separate. In him, the two could merge and with enough faith, the two can be unified.

The Devil (15)

The Devil is card number 15 and embodies our deepest desires, darkest feelings, and our constant need for material things.

The Devil is the card of illusion. Although you have total control of your life, beliefs, and choices, the card symbolizes how addiction, depression, and unhealthy bonds can make you feel out of control.

Regardless of the nature of your particular problem, the message of the Devil is clear: redirect your attention away from the satisfaction of desires and toward the things that really matter.

modern way tarot card the devil

The Devil in the Fool’s Journey

The Fool comes to the foot of an enormous black mountain where a creature half goat, half god reigns. At his hooves naked people, chained to the god’s throne, engaging in every indulgence imaginable: sex, drugs, food, and drinks.

“All I am doing is bringing out what is already in you,” the Devil (15) says. “Such feelings are nothing to fear, to be ashamed of, or to avoid. They can be useful to help you in your quest for spirituality.”

The Fool then realizes that the chained collars are wide enough to easily slip off over their heads. The Fool has mistaken the Devil. This is not a creature of evil, but of great power. Like all power, it is frightening but also the key to freedom and transcendence.

The Tower (16)

The Tower is card number 16 and another card that is often feared as it symbolizes a tragedy and letting go. The Tower stands total destruction. As with all loss, it’ll be a painful process.

Before you are able to make these positive changes, you’ll have first to face the truth. Seeing through illusions and letting go of what you wish things to be is the very first step. And keep in mind, after going through this immense change, a fresh start awaits.

modern way tarot card the tower

The Tower in the Fool’s Journey

As the Fool leaves the throne of the Goat God, he comes upon a Tower, magnificent and familiar. He helped build this Tower when he wanted to make his mark.

Inside the Tower (16), arrogant men live, convinced of rightness. Seeing the Tower again, he realizes he’s been seeing himself, as superior, when in fact, he is no such thing.

Shocked by this insight, he SHOUTS, and a bolt of lightning slashes down from heaven, striking the Tower and putting it on fire. In a moment, it is over. The Tower is rubble, only rocks remain.

He tore down his resistance to change as the Hanged man (12), came to terms with Death (13); learned about moderation with Temperance (14), and about power with the Devil (15). But now, he has done the hardest: he destroyed the lies of his life. What’s left are the foundations of truth on which he can rebuild himself.

The Star (17)

The Star tarot card is number 17 and stands for optimism, positivity and future hope. If you’ve been having a tough time, you will soon regain your motivation and rise to the top again.

The Star card wants you to open your heart, realize your inner strength, and have faith that the best is yet to come.

modern way tarot card the star

The Star in the Fool’s Journey

On the ground where the Tower once stood, the Fool sits in despair. Having learned that most of his life was a lie, he now feels lost.

As he gazes up wishing for guidance, he sees a girl. Kneeled by a pool of water illuminated with starlight, emptying one urn into the water, and one onto the ground.

“What are you doing,” he asks. She looks up, eyes twinkling like stars. “I’m refilling this pool, so that those who are thirsty may drink, and I’m watering the earth so that fruit trees will grow to feed the hungry.” 

She offers the Fool water and fruit. While eating and drinking, healing his wounded heart, he gazes at the stars: “The stars are so beautiful but so distant.”

“Like possible futures,” agrees the girl.”Yet if you keep one insight, it can guide you to your destination no matter how far away. Follow your star,” the woman’s voice says as she fades away, “and have hope.”

The universe abundantly blesses us and we are continually attracting what we desire through our beliefs and thoughts. 

The Moon (18)

The Moon is card number 18 on the tarot list in the Major Arcana and symbolizes anxiety, confusion, fear, and delusion. It speaks to the negative emotions we feel are triggered by our misunderstanding of past or present events that we now need to face.

The Moon card means that you’re allowing your imagination and emotions to take control of your life. The Moon cautions you from accepting what things seem to be. It may be time to dig a little deeper and allow the light to shine upon the fallacies in your life.

modern way tarot card the moon

The Moon in the Fool’s Journey

Following the Star (17), the Fool (0) travels through the night. As the full Moon rises, it illuminates a watery path. He walks the path and just as he passes under the moon, walking between two pillars, he finds himself in another land…

It’s a terrifying place, with very different rules. Creatures from childhood nightmares and fantasies peer from the shadows.

The path the Fool was walking is now a river, and on the nearby shore, there’s a small boat without a rudder. The Fool realizes he has only two choices: lose himself in this desolate land of illusion or get into the boat and trust himself to the river.

The Moon (18) will be in control either way, but in the boat, his surrender to the unconscious powers will at least take him somewhere. The Fool gets into the boat and as the waters sweep him away and the moon lights his path. 

The Sun (19)

The Sun card is number 19 on the list and represents success, truth, optimism, and positivity as the card’s design clearly shows. People will be infatuated with these qualities in you and seeing this card will tell you to move forward.

The Sun shows positivity and fulfillment in your life. If you have been going through a hard time, things will quickly improve. The Sun reminds us to look at the bright side of things and remind ourselves that hard times don’t last forever.

modern way tarot card the sun

The Sun in the Fool’s Journey

After yesterday’s escapade under the Moon (18), the Fool wakes up in his boat, surrounded by a walled garden with roses, lilies, and stunning sunflowers. Stepping ashore, he watches the sunrise overhead.

A little boy riding a small white pony catches his attention. The child enthusiastically points out all the beautiful things that life’s got to offer.

The Fool then looks up at the Sun, so beautiful, and he finds himself smiling, happier than ever before. He has been tested, confused, scared, dismayed, and amazed. But this is the first time that he has been simply happy. 

“Who are you?” the Fool asks. The child smiles and then grows bigger and brighter until he turns into pure sunlight. “I’m you,” the boy’s voice says, and as the words fill the Fool with warmth and energy, he comes to realize all exist within him. He has just met his own inner light.

Judgement (20)

Judgement is card number 20 of the Major Arcana card list and stands for reflection, evaluation, and rebirth. This self-reflection will help you to have a more clear understanding of where you are in life, and which steps you need to take in order to move forward in a positive direction.

The Judgement (20) suggests introspection and self-assessment. Now you should weigh your actions and see that they are in line with your values and beliefs. Without having the clarity of knowing who you are, you can’t answer these questions. Take time to ponder on things before going on with your life.

modern way tarot card judgement

Judgement in the Fool’s Journey

As the Fool (0) leaves the garden of the Sun (19), he feels that he’s ending his journey. He gazes up, hoping to find guidance from the Sun; instead, he sees above him a fiery angel.

“You are right,” the Angel confirms, “you’ve only got one last step to complete your journey. But you can’t take it until you lay your past to rest. You can’t hide from it or run from it but you can come to terms with it. Are you willing to do that?”

The Fool’s hesitant as certain memories make him feel guilty, ashamed, or angry. Still, he knows the Angel is right, and thus blows the trumpet that cracks open the Earth. 

From under the Fool’s feet, the spirits of his past selves rise up. For the first time, he faces them. They are, he sees, nothing to fear as they no longer have any power over him.

The World (21)

The World tarot card, the last card on the Tarot card list and is represented by the number 21. The World stands for completion, harmony, fulfillment, and unity and means that your highest goals are soon to be achieved and it’s time for you to flourish.

The World (21) card means that a major event in your life has come full circle and that you’ve accomplished your goals and aspirations. Despite the difficulties and hardships you’ve encountered, you stood strong and persevered. 

The seeds you have planted are now blooming and you’re reaping the fruit of your labor. Everything has come together, and you’re in the right place, doing the right thing, and achieving what you have envisioned.

modern way tarot card the world

The World in the Fool’s Journey

The Fool turns to take his final step along the path and finds that he’s right back where he started. Right at the edge of that very same cliff, he almost stepped over when he was young.

However, now everything is different. He thought he could separate body and mind, but in the end, it is all about the self: mind and body, past and future, the individual and the world.

With a smile, the Fool takes that final step right off the cliff…and soars. Higher and higher, until the whole world is his to see. And there he dances, surrounded by stars and one with the universe. Ending, where he began, beginning again at the end. The world turns, and the Fool’s journey is complete.

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

Congrats! You have made it so far through our Major Arcana list of the Tarot cards and completed the lessons of the Fool’s journey that have hopefully helped you understand the tarot cards a bit better.

The remaining 56 cards together make up for what’s called the Minor Arcana. These cards reflect day-to-day events and can give more context and detail compared to what we learned with the Major Arcana archetypes.

The Minor Arcana is divided into 4 suits of 14 cards each and consists of the Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords.

Starting with the Ace, the cards go up from the 2 towards the 10, then closing with four Court cards: Page, Knight, Queen, and lastly, the King.

Below I’ll go a bit more in-depth for each of the different suits and the cards they contain.

Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups deals with matters of the heart. The primary aspects that surround this suit are love, emotions, relationships, and other connections.

suit of cups modern way tarot

The Suit of Cups is related to the water element and water signs like Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. Like water, people with these astrological signs are fluid and flexible. They can be smooth and serene like a gentle ocean tide or rough and severe like a tidal wave.

Here you find a link to all the meanings of the cups cards and the most important keywords for each of the Tarot cards in the Suit of Cups list:

Cards of the Suit of Cups can also bring attention to how you react to your environment. If mostly Cups cards appear in a reading, it is indicative of emotional dealings such as happy family reunions, but can also mean problems in your relationships.

Cups people are also often deeply connected with themselves and their inner emotions, making it so that they draw their energy from how they feel within.

Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles deals with finances, career, and achievement. These cards are known as “money cards” since they are often associated with money-related decisions and financial windfalls. This might also indicate you have concerns about work or your career.

suit of pentacles modern way tarot

The Suit of pentacles represents the Earth and corresponds with the astrological signs Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. The positive aspects of this suit stand for financial freedom, manifestation, and property. The Suit of Pentacles can also have negative meanings. Some of these include being greedy, overly possessive, or poorly managing money. 

Here you find a link to all the meanings of the cups cards and the most important keywords for each of the Tarot cards in the Suit of Pentacles list:

When mostly Pentacles comes up in your reading, you are likely seeking answers to the material things in your life. Pentacle people are likely someone level-headed, easy-going, and generous.

Earth signs are known for their indulgent nature; since they gain joy from the senses, they often seek pleasure from the tactile world.

Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands represents creativity, intuition, and new ideas. Associated with the element of fire, Wands aren’t passive cards. On the contrary, this suit represents determination and strength.

suit of wands modern way tarot

The Suit of Wands also represents creativity, intuition, and new ideas. In readings where ambition, business, and original thoughts are in question, Wands often appear with the answer to one’s question.

Here you find a link to all the meanings of the cups cards and the most important keywords for each of the Tarot cards in the Suit of Wands list:

When mostly the Wands cards come up in a reading it tells you to keep pushing the limits to reach your goals and dreams. Spirituality and consciousness are also allies of this suit. The cards address what is truly meaningful to you and tell you more about who you are your core values, and your beliefs.

The Suit of Wands is connected with the Fire signs: Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. People with these zodiac signs are usually known as passionate, energetic, and warm. The associated season is Summer.

Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords is ruled by the element of air and stands for communication and action. Their strengths provide us with wisdom and clarity. The cards of the Swords suit encourage you to use your head when making decisions and can also serve as a warning to pay closer attention to your surroundings.

suit of swords modern way tarot

The Suit of Swords exemplifies thinking and logic. It can also call attention to communication or lack of, since it often refers to carrying a message, much like the wind.

Here you find a link to all the meanings of the cups cards and the most important keywords for each of the Tarot cards in the Suit of Swords list:

When mostly Swords come up in your reading, it can serve as a warning to pay closer attention to your surroundings, as there could be a conflict or an argument waiting to develop.

Connected with air signs Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra, this suit is clear and transparent and helps you to see the true meaning in things. When referencing a person, the Suit of Swords indicates someone thoughtful, rational, and interested in the truth.

Since those with earth signs like to experience the world through rational thought, though, they can also come across as rigid and domineering.

Learning the Tarot Cards Meanings

That’s it, now You are the Way to move forward and start identifying with the cards and their intentions. The easiest way to start learning is by doing.

Use this Tarot card list as a reference, read the Fool’s journey a few times and start doing some of the Tarot spreads from the guidebook or from our in-depth Tarot spread article here. Go about your journey with the naivete of the Fool, to find the mastery of the Emperor and completion of the World. This is the Way.

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