The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

To be victorious you must have complete confidence in your cause. Never doubt what you’re trying to achieve or lose your focus.

The Chariot Tarot Card Keywords: Willpower, Strength, Determination, Direction

The warrior symbolizes taking action and moving forward. Because the sphinxes are pulling the chariot, he must command his willpower and determination in order to succeed.

modern way tarot card the chariot

The Chariot is reminding you that you have the strength and personal willpower to get to where you want to be going. You are determined to succeed and will achieve this by staying focused and moving forward.

The Chariot tells you to never look back, but to fix your gaze firmly forward.

The Chariot means overcoming major challenges in your life by keeping control. You have the strength, willpower, and confidence to maintain your focus and determination. Once you have a solid plan, you’ll have a structured approach to ensure you meet your goals.

There will be obstacles in your way – that is life. However, you are able to overcome these challenges by staying strong.

The Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Chariot appears reversed in a reading, it suggests that you are lacking true control over your future. You are stagnant, not knowing what to do in order to move forward. You are merely floating through life right now, avoiding hard work. Perhaps you are scared of failure.

You must work on your self-discipline and work out what you want to do in your life. What are the steps you need to take in order to move forward?