Modern Way’s Daily Tarot Card

Let’s start with the Modern Way’s way of doing tarot. We all live busy lives and sometimes more cards are just not better. KISS (keep it simple stupid) also works in the case of doing a Tarot reading.

Of course, if you would like to go more in-depth or are in search of more detail, then doing a multiple card spread is better. But the easiest, simplest, and most effective reading is the Modern Way’s one-card draw.

When doing a reading with the physical Modern Way tarot deck, I hold the cards in my hands and focus on an open question I would like the cards to ask. Then, I shuffle the cards and when it feels right, I pick my daily card.

It helps with reflecting on a situation you might have been pondering about and possibly learning how to approach it through the cards. It can provide you with clarity of what to do to move forward.

This ritual is such a great start to my day and a perfect moment of self-reflection (which we all do way too little) that really helps with the ups and downs of life.

Therefore, right now, we’re going to do a quick tarot reading together…

A Modern Tarot Card Reading Online

You can ask any open-ended question to the Tarot you like and you get immediate answers within a minute—perfect for our modern busy lives. With this spread, you have no excuse for missing your daily tarot ritual!

​Now for you to get started with the Modern Way’s daily tarot reading, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Think of any open-ended questions (without yes- or no- answers), for example:
    ○ What should I do about….?
    ○ How will I….?
    ○ Where do I find….?
    ○ How should I …?
  2. Close your eyes and for a few moments to let the question sink into your mind and body
  3. Open your eyes and click here👇
free online tarot card reading

Clicking the cards below will guide you directly to the Tarot card you’ve picked for this Tarot reading, providing you with the answers you need and it will show You the Way forward.

This is the Way